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Cornish Surf Campers & the Environment.


The Environment has been a concern for us before Cornish Surf Campers even existed, so its only natural that the concern continues within the business.
We collect and recycle as many materials from van conversions as possible, for example:


  • Vinyl Flooring - off cuts are collected together and taken to a local collection centre as part of the RECOFLOOR national collection and recycle programme (

  • Cable and Wiring offcuts - whilst we try to keep cable offcuts to a minimum for obvious financial reasons, small amounts do occur, these are collected together and taken to our local scrap yard.

  • Metal - panels that have had windows fitted, removal of previously fitted equipment that is no longer usable and general metal waste is collected and taken to our local scrapyard.

  • Wood offcuts - wood offcuts are collected & kept for the winter and our wood burner!
    any MDF removed from vans (we don't use MDF) is taken to a local collection point for recycling.

  • Paper, Cardboard and Plastics - These are saved and either collected or taken to recycling facilities.

  • Carpet offcuts - The carpet we use is a fibrous stretchy carpet, Currently we do not know of any places that will take this for recycling, but we continue to look.

  • Batteries - Leisure and vehicle batteries have a life cycle of approximately 4 - 6 years, if we have any that have reached the end of their life cycle, they are taken to our local scrapyard where they are separately sorted and sent for correct recycling.



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